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Where imagination runs wild!

Located in Port Royal, Pa, we offer a variety of handmade items.

Items we offer

Diamond Plaques


Our diamond plaques are laser engraved with anything from sayings to images to animals.  Complete with dangling elements, these are sure to please!

Wooden Spoons


Laser engraved with some kind of saying (usually snarky or sarcastic)  these spoons bring a bit of whimsy to your kitchen.

We strive to please

If there is anything you want customized a certain way, or a certain item that you are looking for, let us know, maybe we can help!

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More items

Fairy Jars


Our very first item we made.  These jars had a major overhaul this season.  We have switched things up from our color-changing lights and puff top, to a gentle artificial flame powered light, topped off with flowers and spanish moss for a more classical look.

Square Plaques


Our 4x4 square plaques are typically laser engraved with some kind of saying.  Sometimes snarky, sometimes inspirational, but always in touch with the pulse of today's society.

Ceramics Jars


Our Ceramics jars are whimsical and cute, filled iwth various ceramic items, captured within a Mason jar.  Everything from birds to angels to fairies fill these jars. Won't you bring one home today?

Even More Items

Acrylic Keychains


Laser etched acrylic keychains, customizable and adorable.  Each keychain is 2 1/2 inches wide and comes with a tassel and clip.

Steampunk Necklaces


Hand painted and hand made, each necklace is approximately 18 inches long.

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